Accelerate Loyalty Acquisition and Engagement

Immediately increase consumer response around your loyalty initiatives with Quikly's urgency-marketing technology. We'll leverage psychology and incentives to help you achieve your goals faster, more cost-effectively and with less resources.

  • Acquire Members

    Get existing loyalty members to invite their friends to join. You can also convert customers who have not yet joined, or your audience from other channels, like email or social media.

  • Onboard Members

    Motivate new and existing members to learn more about your program. You can also create excitement around profile completion or any other milestone achievements.

  • Engage Members

    Create program stickiness by motivating members to complete key activities, like submitting reviews, earning points, redeeming rewards or moving up in tiers.

  • Drive

    Ensure loyalty membership means greater purchases. Introduce sales-driving excitement into your program with upselling, cross-selling or product introductions.

  • Reactivate Members

    Reactivate dormant loyalty members, so that they not only stay in your program, but maximize it. You'll also gain insights that will improve customer loyalty and generate customer retention.

Use Case

Driving Immediate Traffic and Spend

The Challenge

The Situation

Surprise-and-delight campaigns are a key CRM strategy to keep customers engaged and motivate spend.

Initial Marketing Outreach

As part of this strategy, Greektown partnered with Quikly to use their Bonu$ Play currency to drive immediate GT Rewards member spend, encourage mobile app use and grow loyalty program membership through local social referrals.

Earn Time Activity

Bonu$ Play currency earned by members during the experience drove immediate casino foot traffic and spend.

Live Release & Call-To-Action

Top Loyalty Integrations

Quikly seamlessly integrates with your existing loyalty technology — whether it's one of the solutions listed below or an alternate third-party solution.

Brands can expect up to 25% greater offer redemption from consumers when using Quikly.